Forming simulation

Forming simulations

Our services in material forming simulation enable the simulation of the entire forming process including the detection and assessment of possible material damage.

  • Simulation of manufacturing processes and component manufacturing
  • Single and multi-stage deep drawing processes / rolling / hemming / trimming
  • Hydroforming
  • Determination of important process parameters
  • Detection of possible failures in the forming process
  • Nonlinear materials
  • Evaluation of folding and tearing
  • Calculation and evaluation of stresses and strains
  • Calculation of the degree of deformation
  • Determination of material damage and component heating
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FEM Berechnung

FEM analysis

FEM calculations for the evaluation of the physical behavior of structures as well as for component optimization or verification of strength.

Fluid dynamics (CFD)

Stationary and transient flow calculations. Computation of coupled systems. Sloshing of liquids. Multiphase flow simulation.
Crash Berechnung

Crash simulation

Crash simulations, occupant protection and pedestrian protection, drop tests, shock loads of various products, containment.

Forming simulation

Simulation of single or multi-stage forming processes such as deep drawing or flanging with determination of process parameters.