Fluid dynamics

Fluid dynamics

Our services in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) include the calculation of stationary and transient flows, the calculation of coupled systems as well as the simulation of multiphase flows such as particle flow or cavitation and the evaluation of the slosh vibration of liquids.

  • Stationary and transient flow simulations (laminar / turbulent)
  • Calculation of coupled systems (heat transfer)
  • Fluid dynamics / fluid-structure interaction
  • Multiphase flow (disperse multiphase flow, particles, cavitation)
  • Sloshing of liquids
  • SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics)
  • Discharge, separation and mixing of fluids
  • Analyzes to prevent deposits or vibrations
  • Flow calculations with heat exchange
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FEM.engineering offers flow calculations for a wide variety of applications with the aim of identifying the flow behavior of fluids as well as important process parameters and, if necessary, optimizing them.

As a result of our flow simulations velocity profiles, pressure and temperature distributions, the flow behavior of gases or liquids and their interaction with the structure (fluid-structure coupling) are provided. This makes it possible to localize turbulence, to determine separation regions of flows or to provide information on the mixing or separation behavior.

In addition to classic laminar or turbulent flow calculations, our engineering office also offers the calculation of coupled systems, multiphase flows, sloshing of liquids and SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics).

  • Calculation of the fluid-structure interaction on a fan impeller with subsequent strength evaluation
  • Calculation of the slosh vibration of containers in rail traffic
  • Flow calculations in vehicle construction
  • Flow calculations for molds
  • Development studies with turbulent pipe flows and transfer of the results into a software
  • Flow calculations for valves for process optimization
  • Calculation of the mixing behavior of a melt in a rectangular agitator vessel
  • Calculation of the flow behavior in heating channels of heat exchangers


FEM Berechnung

FEM analysis

FEM calculations for the evaluation of the physical behavior of structures as well as for component optimization or verification of strength.

Fluid dynamics

Stationary and transient flow calculations. Computation of coupled systems. Sloshing of liquids. Multiphase flow simulation.
Crash Berechnung

Crash simulation

Crash simulations, occupant protection and pedestrian protection, drop tests, shock loads of various products, containment.

Forming simulation

Simulation of single or multi-stage forming processes such as deep drawing or flanging with determination of process parameters.