FEM analysis

FEM analysis

Our FEM simulation services in the field of structural mechanics and thermomechanics cover component optimization under static or dynamic loads, thermal simulations, fatigue analyses as well as fem analysis for strength evaluation and proof of stability according to the mechanical standards.

  • Linear and nonlinear FEM calculations / Structural mechanics
  • Stationary and transient temperature analyses / Thermomechanics / Thermal shock
  • Strength and buckling analysis (Eurocode, FKM, ASME Code, AD 2000, DIN EN 13445 …)
  • Nonlinear materials / Plastics / Composites
  • Vibration analyses / Natural frequencies
  • Contact problems
  • Multiphysics simulations
  • Life cycle analysis / Fatigue / Damage analysis / Durability
  • Statics and dynamics
  • Design optimizations
  • Accompanying analyses for development studies
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FEM.engineering has a broad know-how in the application and evaluation of implicit and explicit FEM calculations.

With more than 35 years of experience as a FEM service provider, we enable our customers to consistently model the problem by means of targeted design analyses. Whether for the early detection of weak points, the increase in quality of a component or for standard-compliant assessment of strength or stability as the basis for product approval.

Our reference projects include FEM analyses in classical mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, apparatus engineering and container construction, in the optimization of furniture pieces or in the simulation of electronic components.

  • FEM calculations for pressure vessels / heat exchangers according to AD 2000, DIN EN 13445 or ASME Code
  • FEM calculations for storage tanks and containers according to Eurocode
  • Accompanying calculations in the development of towbar systems
  • Lifetime calculations and optimization of office chairs / spring systems
  • FEM calculations for lifting beams and lifting parts
  • Heat transfer calculations for LED boards
  • Optimization of core boxes with regard to statics and flow behavior
  • Strength verification of a fan impeller with CFD coupling


FEM Berechnung

FEM analysis

FEM calculations for the evaluation of the physical behavior of structures as well as for component optimization or verification of strength.

Fluid dynamics

Stationary and transient flow calculations. Computation of coupled systems. Sloshing of liquids. Multiphase flow simulation.
Crash Berechnung

Crash simulation

Crash simulations, occupant protection and pedestrian protection, drop tests, shock loads of various products, containment.

Forming simulation

Simulation of single or multi-stage forming processes such as deep drawing or flanging with determination of process parameters.